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South lady ddlg names guy to family

Newest Posts. Sfw or asexual littles unite here! In: Newbie Knowledge.

Ddlg Names

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A pet name is a nickname or special name for a caregiver to call their little. Pet names can be super cute, loving, funny, or even a bit naughty and can help your little feel happy, small, loved, protected and ddlg names warm and fuzzy inside.

Years old: I am 44
What is my ethnicity: Portuguese
Color of my iris: Soft hazel green
What is the color of my hair: Chestnut
My body type: My figure type is muscular
Music: I like blues
Other hobbies: Looking after pets
Body piercings: None
Smoker: Yes

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Remember me. Sort by: Author Post time Subject. By Iisfangirl18 - 5 years ago.

Random nickname generator for ddlg

By SunniBunni - 6 years ago. We suggest only asking one question per post for the best answer opportunities. Please ask specific questions or for specific input. By sunflowerwharf - 5 ddlg names ago.

When you find a Daddy you tend to find a name that you're both comfortable with and you both like. By Lucipurr-baby - 5 years ago. Display: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks ddlg names month 3 months 6 months 1 year. Ddlg names Contributors. Newest Posts.

I just rece[…]. By HisBrightLight - 5 years ago. Forum rules: This section of the site is for open, group conversation and public discussion topics within the community. Sfw or asexual littles unite here! Ddlg names we are around our family I call him Bubba or Bubs. My daddy loves it. I do have ddlg names nicknames for him.

By Deleted User - 5 years ago. In: General Discussion Main. Ddlg names for Daddy other than Daddy Caregiver Names?

Who liked this post. Top list. Sort by: Ascending Descending Go. What is my Little Age? I believe I'm on the ddlg names spectrum.

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Note: Personal are NOT permitted. See our forum FAQ for questions we no longer accept due to the frequency of them being asked. Go to DateCGL to find a special someone, partner, to date, or any other type of special connection. Caregivers, Mommies, Daddies, adult babies, middles, babyfur, diaperfur, and all other Bigs and littles discuss regression, relationship dynamics, have open group ddlg names, share ddlg names advice, and exchange ideas to help one another grow in knowledge.

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Master list of names for caregivers and littles:

Like da you're both into ok gangster movies he could be Pookie bear and call you toots. Littlespace Online .

In public, or around friends, and family, I just call him by his name, he's ok with that. As ddlg names both littles you could spend time playing […].