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We came into the fourth season, and Yunjin expressed an interest in moving on to pursue other projects. She was such a trouper all year, holding in this secret.

Kik Mistress 2016

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Harry adapting to fatherhood. Even if it were a shortened season, I would have preferred that to the storyline strands left hanging forever. Am I right?

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You May Also Like. Plus he was hot. The female bonding. Pip Ellwood-Hughes 4 days ago. If you have seen it and want to hear our thoughts on a fifth season keep reading. What better time to come back than the fifth kik mistress 2016 final season?

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Kik mistress 2016 relationship hit the rocks big time during season 4 and it was exhausting seeing them pulled apart and finally put back together. Mistresses may have been frothy and silly at times but it had kick-ass female characters with an important message about friendship.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes 6 days ago. Is she the real Karen Kim who the Karen we knew was imitating?

Connect with us. The return of some familiar faces.

Frothy US drama Mistresses had the rug pulled out from under it recently as ABC announced that the show had been cancelled. Happier times for April and Marc.

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Alec Ed Quinn to come back for at least a guest spot. Barry Stevens 5 days ago. The whole situation with Scott Justin Hartley fast-tracked Kate to the kind of hot mess status usually reserved for Karen. It would have been nice to have some younger blood on the show to take it back to its sexy, frothy, silly earlier seasons. In the finale she seemed more settled in Los Angeles and she was definitely on the look out for love. Two surprises were thrown in; firstly Harry found out he had a son called Gabe Max Lloyd-Jones who was in kik mistress 2016 early 20s and April and Kik mistress 2016 became convinced that Karen may have faked her death.

Kik mistress

Tuning in to Brett Tucker and Rob Mayes every week was a joy so to not have this is just downright unfair. Who is Karen Kim? Is she a stalker?

Savi Alyssa Milano should have made a triumphant comeback. Share Tweet.

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Scroll to continue reading. The countdown starts soon. The fourth season finale of Mistresses delivered a pretty massive blow by killing off regular character Karen Kim Yunjin Kimwho died by falling over. As the episode drew to a close Harry convinced Gabe to move in with him and Joss without telling Joss and Kik mistress 2016 discovered kik mistress 2016 there was another Karen Kim in town, who appeared to be imitating her late friend.

10 reasons why we wanted mistresses season 5

Is she just a woman with the same name and handwriting sporting a similar look? The guy candy. Hi, what are you looking for?

I would have liked to have spent more time with Kate and seen her develop past a neurotic nightmare.