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Swiss chica search friend to love large labia

Labia minora elongation is one of the vaginal practices that some Zimbabwean women engage in during the pre-menarche age. This practice has not been thoroughly investigated in Zimbabwe.

Love Large Labia

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Research love large labia shows genital attitudes have an impact on sexual well-being and health seeking behaviours. Data are from open-ended items, part of a cross-sectional Internet-based survey anonymously completed by women and men. Some love large labia the most common likes for women related to aesthetics and for men related to tactile and sexual aspects. Men listed more likes than dislikes.

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And love large labia "men" who make crude comments about labia, or other aspects of women's bodies? Jason Sophya Send a private message. It just looks so different than what many other girls have. One decade it's skinny girls, the next it's big booty. Love your body and your partner will too! Many men my self included prefer a woman with large inner labia.

I'm a 19 year old male and I love large labia it very attractive when girls have long labia. Alex Send a private message. Notifications You have no notifications. Messages You have no messages. I think her inner labia is a major part of that. They're saying these things to cover their own insecurities, or to impress their idiot friends.

Massive labia love

But is cms even considered big? You are perfect the way you are. I would not trade her for anyone.

Thank you for giving the time and energy to this for other women to find in the future as well! Okay, so I'm an 18 year old female who is 5'0 love large labia 90 lbs and I feel like my labia minora is larger than the average woman's especially for my size and I'm self conscious about it.

Women with self-declared 'large labia' share how they feel about their vaginas

Nice labia also give you far more to work with and provide pleasure to during oral sex! Sex Love large labia. Since you mention, it, from my point of view shaved is good, so you can see those lovely labia. My girlfriend has large inner labia and oh my God! It turns me on so much! Edited on April 4, at UTC by the author.

Do men have a preference in labia size?

It's not any more that different breast sizes are flaws or penis sizes. It would be awful to mutilate yourself to fit the current porn image, only to find in ten years that it's changed, and love large labia are getting their labia surgically extended! It's rather handy when they make comments like that, actually, because you can then immediately dismiss them from boyfriend consideration!

Of all the lovers I have had, I think hers is by far the prettiest to look at. You deserve better. I hope everything is true that you said. The female body is so sexy already and to me, this just adds to that! Especially when a young woman 18! I know that the only reason Playboy uses women with love large labia labias is because it's not as explicit, but what do men think about it?

Any reason? Amesovoxo Send a private message. It's much more natural and appealing then the mainstream image of the women you mentioned. Enter more details. John Send a private message. Enjoy your body! Kerppo Send love large labia private message.

Very few have what you do. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. I'm torn between wanting a smaller labia and thinking that smaller would make me look like a pre-pubescent girl. So honestly, do men really prefer small labias? One last point - preferences promoted in the media are trendy, and are going to change with time. Respond to Love large labia. Bluedrumm Send a private message.

Clearly you were not raised right at all, generalizing men into a love large labia pidgeon hole where it does not fit. Gbrunette Send a private message.

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I think I have a nice body, but do I also have to have a small labia to be attractive? I've been researching this, and I've found out that men call this a "roast beef sandwich" which I find insulting and it only makes me more insecure about my size. I would guess that my labia minora is about 2 cm long, but it pokes out and that makes me self-conscious. And why do so many men make crude comments about women's bodies that will only make them feel bad about themselves? Any love large labia who would make you feel bad about your body love large labia not a man at all!

All Topics. Having said that - labia preference is totally inconsequential compared to almost anything else in choosing a lover - who the person is, is far more important love large labia how fulfilled you are, both sexually and otherwise. Plus, it seems that it makes her more sensitive down there.

In their own words: a qualitative content analysis of women’s and men’s preferences for women’s genitals

I mean, it seems like most women have small labias, love large labia I'll never really know if this is true for sure. Wildflower Send a private message. Dale Send a private message. I've seen some men post comments that say they like women with small labias and who are completely shaved. She is multi orgasmic and the best lover I have ever had.

Type your question. And thank you so much again. Wildflower : awe im 14 and i have one Lala Send a private message.

I think larger inner labia is incredibly sexy. Jason Sophya : Well if that isn't a condescending, deeply disrespectful thing to say.

Love large labia Report Edit Reported Reply. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. I want honest answers, but I'm also afraid that my fears will be confirmed and I'll find out that most guys think bigger labias are gross.

As an older, and very experienced guy, I can say that labia are very attractive, both visually and sensation-wise. This is nothing to be self conscious about. You must of been raised right!! Love large labia or non-visible ones are ok, but a little too pubescent-looking for my taste.

They're either still in high school, or never left it mentally. Heaven14 Send a love large labia message. Know that what you think of as a possible flaw is actually an asset. Thank you for being such a rock star. I'm impressed at your response and how well you represent a good breed of men. Are guys just joking around when they say these things or are they serious? Insecure14yrOld Send a private message.