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Second, doing covert ethnography presents specific advantages that are peculiar to the purpose of this study, such as allowing the observation of behaviors that cannot be studied otherwise and avoiding the Hawthorne Effect, for which individuals modify an aspect of their behavior sexy telegram response to their awareness of being observed Merrett, However, the use of covert ethnography involves some ethical issues regarding the lack of sexy telegram consent which is entangled with the access, collection, and analysis of digital conversations.

Using ECA Altheide,it was possible to delineate three main sexy telegram 1 the negotiation of consent, 2 the categorization and objectification of the female subject, and 3 the performances of masculinity through male homosocial interactions in relation to Telegram affordances. Hence, we decided to operate a non-participant observation Mills et al.

The research draws on data collected through an online covert ethnography of Italian Telegram channels and groups. In fact, Telegram allows for the creation of two types of sociality: channels and groups Mazzoni, sexy telegram In the first case, the of participants is sexy telegram, and information is broadcast in a one-to-many logic. The possibility of creating large groups and channels, sexy telegram with the facility of sharing visual and audio material, fosters the creation of a mediated homosocial environment in which participants can share behaviors and build homosocial bonds, while enacting practices in line with hegemonic masculinity.

This allowed us to reproduce the essential elements of the conversations, without running any risk of the participant being recognized.

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On one hand, the focus on pornography risks overshadowing the non-consensual and intimate nature of the sexy telegram shared. In addition, we contend that the discussed hold serious public relevance, especially considering the lack of Italian data on NCII perpetrators or any sexy telegram evidence on this new frontier of violence. The first step in our research was to collect a selection of channels and groups that allowed us to delve into NCII practices. This article analyses the role of Telegram in orienting, amplifying, and sexy telegram the non-consensual diffusion of intimate images NCII.

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Pictures were consensually taken and posted on social media by the depicted subjects, yet, sexy telegram screenshotted and posted on Telegram by other users, shedding light on the problem of cross-platform NCII. As a first step in the analysis, we wanted to highlight the different forms of NCII that take place and are fostered by Telegram. However, an sexy telegram is still missing about how digital affordances work in concert with gendered cultural repertoires and orient discourses about gender-based violence, promoting the enactment of hegemonic masculinity through harassment practices Flood, To address this gap, we turn to Telegram, a messaging app that allows users to communicate both through public channels and closed groups.

The technologically mediated diffusion and circulation of non-consensual intimate content, together with the psychological harm inflicted to the subjects sexy telegram Uhl et al. In particular, we explore the diffusion of non-consensual images on Italian Telegram sexy telegram and groups. In fact, participants frequently discuss the legal implications of their behaviors, especially the possibility of being denounced for sharing often paedo- pornographic material:.

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According to its creators, these features make Telegram a safer platform compared to other messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Following this procedure, we were able to obtain a sample of 50 channels and groups. Such categorizations for a variety of ways in which Telegram orients the sharing of non-consensual intimate sexy telegram through the forms of sociality it allows.

The analysis was based on the identification of analytic as they emerged while reading the texts, using keywords to spot relevant conversations e. NCII became an issue of public debate in the Italian context inafter the release of sexually explicit sexy telegram by her ex-boyfriend led Tiziana Cantone to commit suicide Il Post, However, despite such increasing attention, research about NCII in the Italian context is still scarce. The non-consensual diffusion of intimate images is a hotly debated topic in the study sexy telegram Internet cultures.

If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Different from other messaging apps such as Sexy telegram and social media sites, Telegram offers the possibility of creating large groups and channels sexy telegram preserving user anonymity and security and is characterized by a loose regulatory framework enforced by its administrators.

In this section, we discuss different NCII practices that take place on Telegram; ing for the forms of sexy telegram groups, channels, bots they include the following:. The diffusion of non-consensual intimate content becomes highly normalized by the majority of participants, and thus, considered neither as a form of privacy violation nor as an act of gendered abuse. Sexy telegram article discusses the non-consensual dissemination of intimate images NCII across Telegram groups and channels.

User6 : If a girl sends the file, the receiver can do whatever he wants with it. As a second step in our analysis, we delved deeper into the content shared in explicit image-based sexual abuse groups, with the aim of analyzing sexy telegram discourses and practices enacted by users. Channels and groups can be both public and private. Yet, we claim that Telegram deserves particular attention for its distinguishing affordances and the implications sexy telegram can have for the spreading of NCII.

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The naughty room

The ethical implications that concerned the undertaking of this work were also addressed. Administrators never asked us to identify ourselves and immediately provided the invitation link for a first private group, thus our first impression was that users were not too concerned sexy telegram preserving the security of the groups but were rather interested sexy telegram creating large communities for collecting more material. We extensively discuss the ethical implications in a dedicated methodological section.

Moreover, we also analyzed a bot, as a peculiar form of automated NCII afforded by the platform. Girls and women are recorded and photographed during sexual acts, as well as during daily actions, for example, at the beach, in shops, in the street, and so on. Because we needed to gain access to sexy telegram groups and private channels to observe internal dynamics and conversations about such a sensitive topic, to reveal the purpose of our presence to participants sexy telegram have effectively made this research impossible to conduct, as we would have been immediately expelled from these groups.

We argue that Telegram affordances play an important role in orienting and amplifying NCII practices, as they offer the possibility of systematizing the diffusion sexy telegram non-consensual content and, consequently, of gender-based violence. To gain access to public groups and channels, one can use the Telegram search bar using keywords, hashtags, and usernames, but to gain access to private groups, users need to receive an encrypted invitation sexy telegram and the approval of group administrators or specific bots Mazzoni, Data were collected between January and March Our research began from the Telegram channels listed on a famous Italian porn website, Phica.

In these channels and sexy telegram, non-consensual images are often consumed and perceived as mainstream porn and participants reach 60, users. In all the groups we analyzed, two practices were recurrent: the collection of intimate pictures and the negotiation of the non-consensual status of such material among participants.

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These include both big groups that exceed 30, users and are active on a daily basis, in which the only rule is sending pictures of ex girlfriends, friends, or acquaintances for failing to comply with this rule, we were kicked out from three groupsas well as small groups that target specific girls and generally do not sexy telegram 20 users, recalling more close friends chat groups than large communities. It was the girl who agreed sexy telegram share it! Sexy telegram subscribed with a gender-neutral nickname and chatted with the web administrators, asking them about the existence of Telegram channels or groups where forms of NCII were shared.

To do so, we delved into each chat and classified it according to two criteria: first, the type of communication allowed by the platform group, channel, or bot and second, the different sexy telegram of material shared among its participants. The combination sexy telegram these methods was useful to provide us with different types of digital materials that could be compared and analyzed to obtain a deeper understanding of the phenomenon.

Not only do female subjects become objects of scrutiny through denigrating comments, but they are also objectified by means of a detailed practice of classification according to different such as body type and shape, age, and country or city of origin. Accessing resources off campus can be a challenge. Following our object of sexy telegram ethnographically Caliandro,we were able to collect a consistent of Telegram channels and groups sharing non-consensual images and perform an ethnographic content analysis of the main themes addressed Altheide, Drawing on these data, we show how Telegram sexy telegram orient the distribution of non-consensual images as characterized by the negotiation of consent, the categorization and objectification of women, and the creation of homosocial bonds based on solidarity.

sexy telegram also testifies that homosocial bonds Rosen et al. It may be said that the sense of security and anonymity, together with the ambiguous regimentation provided by the platform, makes Telegram a highly suitable context for sexy telegram diffusion of NCII and the perpetration of harassment as a normalized and trivialized practice of male-to-male interaction.

Here, the of participants often reached 60, users. Groups, however, include up tousers, and allow for a large-scale private sociality Papacharissi,sexy telegram creating a suitable environment for the diffusion of non-consensual images and for the creation of male homosocial bonds.

The naughty room

Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on download. As the following excerpts show, users engage in a constant request for sharing sexually explicit content. This product could help you. Lean Library can solve it. Sexy telegram a link to share a read only version of sexy telegram article with your colleagues and friends. To do so, we look at the role played by Telegram chat groups as mostly male homosocial environments in the making of such performances.

Sexy telegram the implications that concern covert ethnographic research, the use of this practice in our case requires further justification. The perceived lack of punishment and the downplaying of any culpability orient male participants to reinstate themselves in a power position over the unaware female subjects, thus reaffirming their masculinity as hegemonic Connell, Another practice characterizing NCII Telegram groups is the categorization and objectification of the female body. To for NCII in its complexity, we turn to Telegram, looking at how its sexy telegram, platform politics, and consequent assumption of use may sexy telegram the diffusion of misogynistic practices and the performance of hegemonic sexy telegram Massanari, Building on Schwartz and Neffwe contend that Telegram affordances can be considered as gendered affordances, as they may suggest different behaviors to different users according to their gender, while contributing to reinforcing already existing gendered power hierarchies.

Similar practices can also be found in digital environments, such as in online forums, where users actively participate in jokes and banter connected to the performance of masculinity Kendall, Despite the critique of the concept of hegemonic masculinity see, for example, Demetriou,we agree with Connell that the relevance of sexy telegram concept cannot be dismissed.

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When asking for images to be shared, participants add specific qualities and prerequisites about the type of material e. Despite sexy telegram different nuances in meaning, as Maddocks notes, these terms all consider the diffusion of intimate images as a gender-based and technology-facilitated harm. At the same time, porn websites that were used as platforms to share revenge porn e. Categorization and objectification sexy telegram are also evident in the analysis of bots. First, we considered this was the most to some degree, perhaps the only suitable option to conduct a study of this kind.

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Did you struggle to get sexy telegram to this article? It is, therefore, important to delve deeper into the practices of doing masculinity through mediated technologies to unravel how NCII is imbricated with the performance of masculinities.

First, doing covert ethnography is considered ethical when it prevents the risk of loss of the object of study and when sexy telegram very success of the research depends on it Economic and Social Research Council, As mentioned, in our case, undertaking a covert ethnography was the most suitable method sexy telegram gather information on this phenomenon, since we aimed to study violent behaviors in closed groups. However, to counterbalance the ethical concerns related to this kind of research, we anonymized the identities of perpetrators and victims by operating a non-literal translation from Italian to English and removed any in-text personal details or references.

In line with this debate, this article adopts the wide-ranging concept of NCII, which allows us to take into consideration the diffusion of intimate images both as a privacy violation, what Citron specifically calls sexual privacy, and as sexy telegram form of gender-based sexy telegram related to technology Luchadoras, Despite this interest, research about NCII is still in its infancy and there are few studies directly addressing this issue in the Italian context Caletti, By considering men posting explicit images of women, mostly ex-partners, on ad hoc websites e.