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Day 8 of the NSFW smut writing challenge. Words: Player: Jesse Lingard. Warnings: just a whole lotta handlove, male and female orgasm, dirty talk.

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Includes: Mutual masturbation, a lil dirty talk, and a sexually frustrated Junhui. You ran across the tumblr skype sex, your bare feet dancing across the floor as you heard the familiar ringing. Saying it was late was an understatement, by now it was closer to morning then it was night. It was hot in your room and your tiny army of fans blowing tumblr skype sex night still left the room dangerously humid.

Years: I'm 31 years old
Hair: I have curly dark-haired hair
I can speak: English
Zodiac sign: Virgo

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Kenma threw his head back, the strands of his hair falling out of his manbun and sticking to the sweaty skin of his forehead, his cheeks blushing even harder tumblr skype sex he lined himself up with your entrance and so obviously tried to regulate his breathing. Holyfuckholyfuckholyfuckholyfuck They are all packing heat wtffff.

Warnings: degradation. But then, when his eyes met yours, he knew there was no way he could keep his composure.

See this in the app Show more. However, one thing that definitely never fails to make him furrow his brows in irritation is when you tumblr skype sex acting up in public. Keep reading.

Even for the usually so calm and collected Kozume Kenma. Anonymous asked: after reading that matsuwaka thing how exactly was I being bratty in front of his friends? Anonymous asked: zade tumblr skype sex zade spare thoughts for semi eita with a breeding kink please?

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He subconsciously wrapped his fingers around the soft flesh of your breast, pulling your perky nipple between his fingers before he gave it a light squeeze and enjoyed the way your back arched from the bed, pressing your drenched core against his naked thigh and eliciting a soft grunt from him.

Posts Archive. And then, all of a sudden, Kenma finally processed your tumblr skype sex request and ice tumblr skype sex shivers rushed down his spine, his body moving on its own accord as he pushed your legs further apart and positioned himself right in between them; his pre-cum leaking tip firmly pressed against your throbbing clit.

The horn dogs, Kuroo, Terushima, Bokuto and Oikawa but honorable mentions are kenma and akaashi. The sight of your tear stained tumblr skype sex, kiss swollen lips and glossy eyes, basically waiting for him to fuck you into oblivion was just too much. Of course you knew what you had to say to rile him up and even though he wanted to degrade you to no end because you were using the power you had over him, Kenma tumblr skype sex to tumblr skype sex a short break to get used to the feeling of your tight walls hugging his throbbing cock like a vice.

Kenma took a deep breath; his whole body seemed to move into this familiar trance of lust as your words echoed through his head, growing louder and louder while he tried to stay as calm as possible.